The School of Styling began as just an idea that I wish existed. I enjoyed design and being creative, but I searched for a way to grow my skills and become more successful on my own terms. I created The School of Styling because I knew others could benefit from an intimate gathering that focused on hands-on learning. 

Do you have a skill you’d like to share with your industry or clients? Or perhaps you just have a passion for building community and want to bring others together? No matter your goal for gathering, I have created The Workshop Course to help you produce an unforgettable event.  I am giving you a behind-the-scenes look at just what goes into planning and executing a workshop that has sold out time and time again. From how to fill those seats, to building the perfect lineup, we will show you exactly what has proven successful for The School of Styling AND give you the step-by-step formula to implement for your own in-person event.

Think of all of the ways you could impact your business by hosting an in-person event. You could finally take a few more weekends off to be with your family. You could generate additional income to grow, or take the next step. You could become an industry leader or influencer in your community. Best of all, you could meet an incredible group of people who are ready to change their world, just. like. you. 

If you are still pondering what type of workshop host you’d be, take this quick quiz to determine your workshop personality. Once you find our your hosting personality, you’ll be ready to join us whether in-person at The Workshop Planners Retreat or through our online program, The Workshop Course!

The Workshop Planners Retreat is a one-day event on May 5th in Greensboro, NC where I’ll share my business, life, and lessons learned (the good, the bad & the ugly). We’ll dive deep into producing an outline for your in-person event from vision casting to goals, timelines to speakers, ticket prices to creating a customized game plan for your event. Even better, you’ll gain lifetime access to our online course and a bonus session all about filling up your event! 

If you are still hoping to host your own workshop, but can’t join us in Greensboro, the online workshop course is a perfect choice! The Workshop Course is my signature online program, featuring 7 video lessons, a 47-page workbook, Q&A videos, and more to take you STEP-BY-STEP through the workshop creation process. You’ll gain access to the private Facebook community for monthly coaching calls as well as support and encouragement along the way!

Are you ready to build your tribe, share your skills, and host an incredible in-person event with the tools to ensure your success? We think, yes



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