covington, louisiana

November 8-10, 2022

Time spent “experimenting” (aka guessing) is beginning to feel like time wasted.

You’ve grown intentionally. You’ve said “yes” to some big projects that have pushed you - maybe even scared you. You’ve booked more clients, made more sales, and created more white space.

But day-in and day-out you wonder if you’re making all the right moves. Why are you still questioning this - even with all of your success? 

Because you care deeply about your people you want to protect your time with them. 

Let me guess.
Your daily planner has a bunch of big ‘ole Le Pen checkmarks sprinkled throughout - am I right?!  

You’re out there doing work.

picture it.. three days in a beautiful setting doing nothing but dreaming big dreams
and connecting with other
creative business owners.

Yes, it sounds amazing, doesn't it?

How do you know when it’s the right time to simplify, to grow, to hire, to step back? Does the grass just look greener over there or is it really time to start something new?

...and you wonder if you’re really doing the things that move the needle in your business. 

If you’re working on your business you want to make sure your business is working for you. I get it.

Let’s be honest - the list is miles long…

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, emails, client calls, vendor meetings, PR pitches, team meetings, website refreshes, email marketing, bookkeeping, creating, shipping, invoices, contracts, etc...

your creative business cannot survive in a vacuum.

After being an entrepreneur for almost a decade, I’ve learned a big lesson: 

So what better group of ranunculus-loving sisters to dive into business and life with?!

Which is why I’m so excited to share with you something you’ve been asking for for a while…. 

Y’all are cut from the same cloth, ladies.

Yes, you may *feel* like a one-woman show, but that doesn’t mean you have to figure this out on your own. (Note to self: I had that realization with the TSOS community!)

Speaking of the TSOS community, they are the most creative and inspiring women you’ll meet.

My recurring thought is always, “I wish these women could know each other!”

- a seat for the retreat located at the luxurious Estate at Charropin Beach nestled in the heart of downtown Covington, Louisiana (think Southern charm meets European chateau)
- Curated welcome gift featuring local makers
- Access to three days of educational sessions with our incredible speaker lineup
- Hands-on break out sessions, developed to give your mind a creative brief
- Access to our speakers for those burning questions and 1:1 deep conversations
- 20 minute photo session with personal creative director to showcase your talents in a polished and professional way ($400 value!) 
- Portfolio images shot by the amazing Emily Songer Photo 
- Poolside cocktail party
- Light bites and refreshments 
- Group coaching sessions designed to give you incredible feedback and support
- Guided mastermind groups to identify those mindset shifting questions and answers 
- Full access to the retreat property including the pool, riverfront, bicycles to explore the historic neighborhood, kayaks, and stocked kitchen
- Centralized event location close to a variety of restaurants, shops, and more - plus your very own city guide including all the local's favorite spots
- The perfect setting created to delve deeper into those dreams while connecting with other like-minded women, ready to cheer you on 
- Special surprises all week long 
- Time away to rest, dream, and plan!
*BONUS ADDED* - Three months of virtual group coaching post retreat to keep you accountable and inspired 

The Restorative Retreat is unlike anything you've experienced before, and we've got two incredible soul-filling options to fit your needs.

the all inclusive experience

- every single amazing amenity listed above
- 1:1 hour long coaching session with Logan post retreat 
- full access to the retreat property 
- stocked kitchen with an abundance of caffeine, study snacks, light bites and, of course,  wine
- two night stay at the luxurious Estate at Charropin beach located in the heart of downtown Covington
- Shared rooms and private rooms available on a very limited capacity*

the retreat experience

speakers + Mentors

logan doerries

The School of Styling 

Logan is the CEO of The School of Styling and a branding strategist for creative entrepreneurs. She enjoys inspiring entrepreneurs to go after those big dreams and encouraging them to find fulfillment in their businesses. She truly believes in community over competition, and creating a space for creatives to find theirs.

jordan Rhea

Raire Label

Jordan Rhea is Co-Founder and Creative Operations Officer of Raire Label, a lifestyle agency based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Jordan is known for her organizational skills , fly style and team leadership. In 2018, Jordan began to build Raire Label with her life partner. The firm is a culmination of her experience as a manager, tastemaker and ambitious risk taker. Jordan earned degrees in Psychology and Biology, then went on to self-educate around Business and Marketing.

emily songer

Emily Songer Photography

Sarah Becker

Becker Talks Money

Sarah is the CEO of Becker Talks Money. After ten years as a wedding photographer, real estate investor, and small business owner, I kept hearing the same story from my biz besties over and over again. While outwardly successful in their businesses, they were utterly failing in their financial goals (if they even had financial goals). That's when she started my career as a financial educator. Sarah now spends her time helping women build profitable businesses with ease.

Emily is the owner and principal photographer of Emily Songer Photography. She captured impactful moments including weddings, families, entrepreneurs and more along the Gulf Coast and beyond. Her passion for creating beauty through photography has extended to educating other creatives in building their businesses.

Ashley o'neil

Ganza Design Agency

Ashley O'neill is a marketing maven who cut her teeth in the advertising industry before going in-house at brands like KREWE to oversee content and brand development. In 2020, she co-founded Ganza, a design and marketing anti-agency for fearless brands, where she serves as Creative Director.

Mia aslup

Power in Your Pause

Mia is the CEO of Power in Your Pause. She has a passion for wellness, soul-care and curating experiences.  She wholeheartedly believes in this concept of discovering the Power in Your Pause, and also believes that we cannot do it alone. We need community, both within this group and in our daily lives, to access our personal Power.

november 8-10, 2022


12:30 p.m. - 1:00 p.m.  Check-In at the Estate at Charropin Beach 

1:00 p.m. Prune: Cut the Excess to Maximize Effectiveness
I'm sure you've heard 20% of your work brings in 80% of your profit. So why do we spend time in all of the other tasks of our business? Oftentimes, it's because we don't stop long enough to evaluate what we need to do to be the most effective. We spin our wheels, waste time, and ultimately let busy dictate our schedule. We're going to take a hard look at where your business is, identify what shifts need to take place so you can do profitable, meaningful work that fills you up.

2:15 p.m. Mentor Session with Sarah Becker
Master your money: determine your personal "enough" number, learn tactical strategies on budgeting and return on investments, and establish a foundation for financial success.

3:15 p.m. Creative Brief 
Choose your own adventure: Learn the technical form of creating beautifully styled imagery to highlight the composition of your products or services through hands-on flat lay styling, floral arranging, or spend time reflecting with a prompted journal session.

4:15 p.m. Mentor Session with Emily Songer
Leaning into the joy of running your business through defining your passion and standing out in your own field.

5:00 p.m. Sunset Yoga
End the day with gentle yoga led by Mia Alsup of Power in Your Pause wellness studio.


9:00 a.m. Check-In

9:30 a.m. Plant: Identity-Based Branding 
Here is where we will lay the foundation for long-term growth. Are you speaking to the right audience? Are you launching services that don't align with your values? No more. We will identify key branding tactics and clarify your ideal client. Then, we'll do the actual work of brainstorming and mapping out new marketing strategies that are in line with your heart values. 

11:00 a.m. Brand Audit 
Now that you've identified your ideal audience and marketing strategies, we will put those tools to use to develop your updated brand. You will receive a full website and instagram audit with tips and tricks on how to improve your online presence. 

11:30 a.m. Branding Photo Session
Each attendee will have their very own full scale branding session. Emily Songer will capture images that can be used for your portfolio, website, social channels and more. You'll work hand in hand with a creative mentor to produce a photoshoot that will perfectly showcase your refined brand.

12:30 p.m. Restorative Lunch
Gather together for a beautiful seated lunch hosted at The Estate at Charropin Beach.  

2:00 p.m. Creating Rhythms of Productivity with Jordan Rhea
This session will teach project management skills to ensure your success in organizing tasks and allocating time. You'll learn the benefits strategic planning, and gain a better understanding of how to position your business for success.

3:00 - 5:00 p.m. Rest, Reflect, or Explore
Explore historic downtown Covington, with several restaurants and coffee shops within walking distance of the retreat location. Spend time exploring the property, shopping, connecting with one another and/or resting.

5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m. Cocktail Party in the Gardens
Enjoy light bites and spirits hosted at the retreat venue


9:00 a.m.  Nurture: Soul Care Mentor Session
Mental wellness and personal development go hand in hand, Mia Alsup will lead a meditative session to nurture your mind and soul before our retreat departure.

10:30 a.m.  Mastermind Groups
Identify key shifts that will strategically improve your business through "hot seat" style coaching. We've created the framework to help you clarify a key path forward, actionable takeaways, and prompts to help you stay accountable and successful. Past attendees have said this has been the most impactful session of the entire retreat - and we couldn't agree more! 

12:30 p.m. Farewell 
Closing thoughts and final takeaways

1:00 - 2:00 p.m.  Check Out

So friend, I’ll ask you one simple question:

November 8-10, 2022 | Covington, Louisiana
Retreat Ticket $1250 
All Inclusive Ticket: $1950
*payment plans available 


who is this retreat for?

Whether you are 17 years in, or feeling the excitement of swiping your newly minted business credit card for the first time - this retreat is for you. This experience is tailored to give every single attendee 1:1 attention their business needs. We will workshop together to help identify the shifts necessary to scale your business. The branding strategies are applicable to all stages and industries of creative businesess.

what will this retreat do for my business?

You will receive the tools and training to help you build an intentional business. If you need to set better boundaries, create a secure system, or amp up your marketing strategy, you'll be able to do so. Each educational session will be followed by an engaging q+a where you will get answers specific to your business needs, and how you operate as a CEO. Not only will you be taking notes, you will actively be solving problems and immediately implementing these changes into your business. 

why should i attend the retreat?

If you are feeling stuck, exhausted, burnt out and uninspired.. then I invite you to join us. This retreat was designed specifically to combat those feelings, and reignite that ambition that helped you start your creative business in the first place. With plenty of down time, heartfelt conversations, and a glass of wine - or two - this experience will do what you're currently unable to do on your own. Hit the reset button, and return to your business with the foundation laid to feel inspired, increase sales, and feel content.

ask yourself, what is the cost of not attending?

Running yourself into the ground trying to solve problems on your own, or texting a client back at 10pm after your *promised* yourself you'd set better boundaries just isn't working, is it? Allow yourself the space to dream about you're very best business, the one that sets your heart on fire and gets you excited to open your laptop each day.. its there. I truly believe you can achieve anything you set your mind to. 

i am so in