covington, louisiana

coming fall 2022

Time spent “experimenting” (aka guessing) is beginning to feel like time wasted.

You’ve grown intentionally. You’ve said “yes” to some big projects that have pushed you - maybe even scared you. You’ve booked more clients, made more sales, and created more white space.

But day-in and day-out you wonder if you’re making all the right moves. Why are you still questioning this - even with all of your success? 

Because you care deeply about your people you want to protect your time with them. 

Let me guess.
Your daily planner has a bunch of big ‘ole Le Pen checkmarks sprinkled throughout - am I right?!  

You’re out there doing work.

How do you know when it’s the right time to simplify, to grow, to hire, to step back? Does the grass just look greener over there or is it really time to start something new?

...and you wonder if you’re really doing the things that move the needle in your business. 

If you’re working on your business you want to make sure your business is working for you. I get it.

Let’s be honest - the list is miles long…

Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, emails, client calls, vendor meetings, PR pitches, team meetings, website refreshes, email marketing, bookkeeping, creating, shipping, invoices, contracts, etc...

your creative business cannot survive in a vacuum.

After being an entrepreneur for almost a decade, I’ve learned a big lesson: 

So what better group of ranunculus-loving sisters to dive into business and life with?!

Which is why I’m so excited to share with you something you’ve been asking for for a while…. 

Y’all are cut from the same cloth, ladies.

Yes, you may *feel* like a one-woman show, but that doesn’t mean you have to figure this out on your own. (Note to self: I had that realization with the TSOS community!)

Speaking of the TSOS community, they are the most creative and inspiring women you’ll meet.

My recurring thought is always, “I wish these women could know each other!”

Tsos retreat
fall 2022

So friend, I’ll ask you one simple question:

coming fall 2022
All Inclusive Ticket: Single Room $2150
All Inclusive Ticket: Shared Room $1850
Retreat Ticket $1200