And instead ...

Fill up your creative well, cultivate out-of-the-box ideas, put them to use and grow your business during an intimate, interactive group experience, with a ton of time for live training with industry heavy-hitters.

TSOS is designed so you can step away from the grind, give your creative juices the kind of surge that only comes from working in a new medium, and fall back in love with what you set out to do each day.

All you need to do?

Finally ditch the daily grind of squeezing your creative juices down to the pulp to come up with ONE MORE *brilliant idea* for your clients and your business.

What if it only took three days to... 

Fight for the space to be creative.

Go from hustling 24/7 to more time for your family, for traveling, and for yourself - without cutting your paycheck.

Feel confident in your ability to attract your dream clients so your calendar is never empty and never boring.

Create a business that can make money for you - even while you're off the clock.

Simplify your business so you're doing the work that makes you jump out of bed in the morning.

Strengthen your voice as a creator through mixed-medium, hands-on training.

Create a community of encouragers who genuinely care about you as a person and the success of your business.

Find the place where your gifts, passions, and revenue-producing opportunities meet.

Give yourself three days.

It could change


… you’ll have the skills and confidence to break out of the rut you’ve been stuck in, expanding your reach with new client service offerings, workshops,  and ideas that you would have NEVER thought of if you didn’t work with those flowers, study that element of design, get that centerpiece shot (that YOU designed) for your website, or hear that break out session.

… you’ll have the skills and confidence to get back on track chasing your dream—the kind of “a-ha” moments that you only get when you escape the vacuum of the daily grind.

… you’ll have the skills and confidence to put the pieces in place for that next big “thing” you know you need to do, and capitalize on the refreshment and energy that turns big dreams into action plans that actually work.

As newly minted or even been-at-it-a-while business owner, this means:

The end result?

"a life-changing week."

- Jess, alumna

is the school of styling for me?

The School of Styling is for any female creative entrepreneur looking to refine their business, grow in knowledge, and hone their design skills. This workshop is not exclusively for wedding pros, in fact roughly half of each workshop are women from other industries - bloggers, copywriters, real estate agents, jewelry designers, and more! The mix of our schools gives students a fresh perspective on their own work. Whether you've been in business for 10 minutes or 10 years, you have a place here! But don't just take our word for it...

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Carefully curated

With only 20 students at each workshop, we make it a point to know and care for each and every attendee personally. We also intentionally design the workshop to act as fertile soil for authentic friendships to grow. Our workshops aren't just a networking event. They are a place to share your honest struggles, scary big dreams, and learn without judgment.

Will your business change for the better because you attend? Absolutely. But if we crammed you full of info and never took care of YOU, would you feel ready to tackle the world? Nope.  Our time together is full, but not exhausting. We strive to create a refreshing, inspiring environment for you to learn and reset. And did we mention we love to spoil our students?! Because we do.

Build encouraging friendships.

Invest in your business...and yourself.

our workshops are...

Ready to strengthen your design eye and personal aesthetic? We offer a variety of hands-on sessions from floral design to flat lay styling, calligraphy to tabletop design, and more! By working in new and different mediums, you will have the opportunity to practice design principles in fresh ways that have the power to change the way you work and create.

Expand your portfolio.


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+ Three inspiring days in a beautifully designed classroom
+ Floral product for centerpiece design and installation work
+ A surprise mailed to your home
+ Styling props to use for the flat lay session
+ Unique rentals to use for tabletop styling
+ Portfolio images of your flat lay, centerpiece and tabletop 
+ Professional headshot images

+ Carefully curated gifts
+ TSOS custom notebook
+ Your choice of breakout sessions (including materials)
+ Full access to all speakers
+ Cocktail party 
+ Breakfast on Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday
+ Lunch on Tuesday & Wednesday
+ Mimosa Bar
+ Seated dinner celebration
+ Mastermind groups
+ An encouraging community!

So, what all is included?

"The School of Styling is a wonderful hands-on learning experience. I feel like I learned from the best in the field! I kept having one "A-HA" moment after the other. I started applying what I learned as soon as I came back home. It is the best course I have taken and would love to do it again."

- Anamaria Durón, Honduras

"One "A-HA" moment
after the other."

"It was truly the best 3 days I could have asked for. TSOS is unique in that it is not limited to only creatives in the wedding industry (I attended primarily as a retail creative) and has the perfect blend of creative segments as well as business/practical workshops. I was initially hesitant as the workshop plus travel/lodging was an investment, but it was the best one I could have poured into myself. I have no regrets and would do it all over again!"
- Tiffee Lee, California

"My goal was to come to TSOS to learn how to elevate my styling and my brand. I left TSOS feeling energized and setup for success with the new tools I've learned. My experience was so inspiring and positive and I truly believe this was the best investment I could have made for myself and my business." 
- Renee Sabo, Massachusetts

"My experience was truly unbelievable! The School of Styling challenges your mind, your creative eye, and your heart. I don't even have a business yet, but I left with so many things I wanted to implement once my journey begins. Also, it was just pure fun and joy - all of the women and lifting each other up and boy do we need more of that today."
- Kristen Southard, North Carolina

"My experience filled me with overwhelming joy. To freely sit in a lovely, detailed, carefully crafted space for three days and just soak in wise content was incredible. And then to be able to listen and encourage other women or vise versa with no pressure to be anyone but myself was so refreshing. I felt lavished upon by those who put on the workshop, and I felt truly cherished by the other attendees who were there, even though we had all just met."
- Hannah Jones, Tennessee

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