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Our Mission is to equip and encourage creative entrepreneurs to style with intention, build smart businesses, and cultivate life-giving community.


"The School of Styling was a wonderful hands on learning experience. I feel like I learned from the best in the field! I kept having one AHA moment after the other. I started applying what I learned as soon as I came back home. I think it is the best course I have taken and would love to do it again."
- Anamaria Durón, Honduras

"It was truly the best 3 days I could have asked for. TSOS is unique in that it is not limited to only creatives in the wedding industry (I attended primarily as a retail creative) and has the perfect blend of creative segments as well as business/practical workshops. I was initially hesitant as the workshop plus travel/lodging was an investment, but it was the best one I could have poured into myself. I have no regrets and would do it all over again!"
- Tiffee Lee, California

"My goal was to come to TSOS to learn how to elevate my styling and my brand. I left TSOS feeling energized and setup for success with the new tools I've learned. My experience was so inspiring and positive and I truly believe this was the best investment I could have made for myself and my business." 
- Renee Sabo, Massachusetts

"My experience was truly unbelievable! The School of Styling challenges your mind, your creative eye, and your heart. I don't even have a business yet, but I left with so many things I wanted to implement once my journey begins. Also, it was just pure fun and joy - all of the women and lifting each other up and boy do we need more of that today."
- Kristen Southard, North Carolina

"My experience filled me with overwhelming joy. To freely sit in a lovely, detailed, carefully crafted space for three days and just soak in wise content was incredible. And then to be able to listen and encourage other women or vise versa with no pressure to be anyone but myself was so refreshing. I felt lavished upon by those who put on the workshop, and I felt truly cherished by the other attendees who were there, even though we had all just met."
- Hannah Jones, Tennessee


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