This six week virtual group coaching experience was created to build connection, inspire creativity, and execute major shifts in your business
  from the comfort of your
own home.

Are you on the cusp of something great in your business, but lacking the motivation or resources to get "there?" if You are feeling frustrated and stuck, I have a solution. 

cheer you on 

challenge you 

change your mindset


homeschool will

Homeschool Program: $899

Meet Nicole.
Nicole joined homeschool while running two businesses simultaneously. She lacked clarity, and was overwhelmed by creating a vision for her brand. At the end of our program she had streamlined goals for each business. She even launched a product line and SOLD OUT her items within a week! Nicole's favorite part of Homeschool was being surrounded by other like-minded creatives and receiving curated feedback from the educators. 

Meet Madalyn.
Madalyn was a wedding photographer who's business totally shut down once the pandemic hit. She pivoted to brand photography, and realized she was most passionate about serving other creative business owners. 
Madalyn completed homeschool confident in the services she provides and is now able to  attract her dream clients.

Meet Debbi.
Debbi had just retired from a career as a high school guidance counselor and was creating her candles as a side hustle. She didn't think she was "ready" for Homeschool. Because of the program she hired a web designer, launched a brand new subscription service, is showing up on social media to increase her brand awareness and now runs her company as a CEO. 
Debbi's favorite part of Homeschool was the accountability and being inspired by other creatives. 

next session coming summer 2022

- six weeks of online group coaching with access to replays

- curated weekly workbooks designed to keep you inspired and on track

- special guest speaker-led sessions

- dedicated accountability partner to keep you in check, basically your very own business bff

- members only Facebook group to stay connected, ask questions, + cheer each other on 

- weekly office hours with Logan to receive customized support 

- (2) 1:1 coaching calls with Logan 

- sweet surprises to keep you encouraged the whole way through

- access to past tsos content 

- your business highlighted on the school of styling's blog + instagram featured post

- early access to the next TSOS in person event 
(at a discounted rate!)

all the deets..

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An intimate group of like-minded women will allow that one on one connection, with curated content to cater to your specific questions, ideas, and struggles.

Plus, accountability throughout the program, because here we are about the learning AND the implementing

How would it feel to take those hours wasted - on the email hamster wheel, stuck in "analysis paralysis," or battling imposter syndrome - and instead spend them fostering relationships with women waiting at the ready to cheer you on? Identifying tangible shifts in your business? Tackling those big dreams and actually seeing them come into fruition?

Connection is more important now than ever before, friend.

You’ve invested in yourself before. You’ve said “yes” to giving yourself the space to be creative. You’ve challenged yourself, you've been vulnerable, and you've put in the work.

But back in the "real world" all of the dreams you set for yourself have been pushed to the side as the day to day takes over. We are all so busy working in our business, that we barely have time to work on it. 

Is this starting to feel a little familiar?

Okay, you are nodding your head, I am speaking your language, right? So here is exactly how this program can benefit you. The homeschool group coaching program was designed to cheer you on, challenge you, and change your current mindset to get your business to the very best version it can be. 

why homeschool?

Your inbox is full of webinars and courses, you *want* to get to that next step, but you need a little nudge.

Are you ready to walk away with a business that fills your heart and your bank account? Not only are we going to workshop your ideas into reality, but we’re going to actually spend time implementing them too! We are here to equip you with:

- brand clarity -
determine your dream client, values, long-term goals, and learn exactly how to curate messaging to speak to an audience to solidify lasting relationships and trust in your brand

- confidence in your worth -
imposter syndrome is a word of the past, you'll be primed and ready to run your business without fear. Your business should create a foundation for your life, not be the center of it. 

- tools to finally launch that new service, raise your prices, go full time, or scale -
so much to do, but where to begin? you'll get laser focused on the big shifts necessary to take your business to the next level with ease through systems, pricing structures and success driven strategies

- ways to adapt when those roadblocks pop up -
decision making solutions that will give you clarity and confidence.

- marketing strategies to sing the praises of that new bad a** brand of yours! -
a very exciting guest speaker will lead us through a signature marketing strategy session PLUS you'll learn how to sell on social media with ease

-an intimate community of women who will hold your hand the whole way through -
might be the best benefit yet: a network of women who are inspiring, goal-driven, nurturing, and smart - just like you! 


Tsos homeschool 

created with you in mind

a group coaching program

where could your business be in six weeks? 

week 1

Identifying the Shift 
What specifically do you want to see shift in your business? If you aren't sure, we have a super effective way to help you figure it out. We will kick off the program by helping you get laser focused on your goals, and what you want to walk away from this experience with. Intentions are set and groundbreaking moments are discovered.

week 2

Mastering Your Money 
featuring Sarah Becker 
Kristy will be guiding the group through her signature template, The Cash Flow Calendar, where we learn strategies to protect our profit.  We will also cover some strategies for planning consistent cash flow throughout the year, and how to take the stress out of money planning. 


Systems + Productivity 
featuring special guest, Leah Moss 

Do you want to know how to tap into that creative flow? You know the one where the blog topics are endless, and you have so many "genius ideas" you can't get them down fast enough? If you answered YES, but more often than not find yourself staring into your computer screen waiting for some divine intervention to motivate you, then we've got a solution for you. We will create the perfect system to get your best work done when you're feeling your best. 

Brand Strategy
featuring special guest, Lauren Carnes
We will work to discover your signature strategy - what drives you and who your ideal client is. We will then align your brand to to attract them, and have your marketing plan created with ease. We'll dive into your messaging, showcasing your values, and what sets you apart from others in your market.

Don't Quit Your Daydream
What would you try if you believed you couldn't fail?
Here I will give you the space to let your imagination run free, and see what big dreams of yours come to the forefront. We will be breaking down what our best selves are capable of, and what that means for our business practices right now. We will end up on the the other side of that major shift we discovered in week one, so prepare for many "ah-ha moments!"

Pitch It Perfect
You've done it! Six weeks of dedication has brought you here, and we won't just send you off into the world, now would we? Not without a little hot seat session. Dust off your lucky blazer or grab your lucky pen, this is where the real fun happens! Each student will have the opportunity to pitch your newly minted mantra, service, or business idea to our group with live feedback from your peers. We will end our journey with closing statements and a virtual hug!

week 3

week 4

week 5

week 6

Homeschool Program: $899

So here is where the rubber meets the road friend..