Our time in Greensboro was filled with fun memories, stunning work, amazing attendees, and so much TALENT!

Emily Bolt, a photographer out of Greenville, SC captured some of our very favorite details of #TSOSGreensboro, and we just had to share her gorgeous images along with a little bit about Emily! So read on to hear all about her experience at The School of Styling! Thank you for joining us, Emily! We are so lucky to have met you!

Tell us a little bit about yourself!

I am a photographer based out of Greenville, SC with my main focus being in weddings and lifestyle photography for creative business owners (i.e. bloggers, artists, designers, etc). I studied Marketing and Graphic Design at Clemson University and worked as a graphic designer for 2 years before jumping into my photography business full time! I am married to my college sweetheart and we are expecting our first baby in a few short weeks!

How did you hear about The School of Styling, and what is one thing in particular that made you want to attend the workshop?

I feel like I’ve known about The School of Styling since it started. I have followed along with Kaitlin Holland on social media for many, many years! And the first time I saw a post about it, it was instantly on my bucket list. However at that point, photography was something I did on nights and weekends, and my full-time job is what was supporting my husband and I as he finished up his Doctorate, so it was just a pipe dream. When my husband graduated and we moved back home to SC, I had difficulty finding a 9-5 graphic design job, but looking back now it was just God’s way of forcing me to take the jump into full-time photography and entrepreneurship. Once my business was set up correctly, and business expenses were no longer personal expenses, it was easier to see the value of investing in The School of Styling. Especially once we found out I was expecting. The timing could not have been more perfect!

What was your experience with the hands-on sessions of the workshops versus the speakers?

All through my schooling, I’ve learned best through doing! So the hands-on sessions were the ones I looked forward to the most. I’ve been in the wedding/creative world long enough to see what goes into certain aspects, but it wasn’t until I was able to try it myself, and learn from a pro that the ideas and techniques sink in. I learned so much from the speakers as well, and will definitely be referencing the notes I took during those sessions, but I am the type of person that once I do something myself, I am much more likely to try it again.

What have you learned at TSOS that you think will have the biggest impact on your business?

Wow! So much, and I am still processing it all. So it may take a while to give a great answer to this. But my biggest thing going into the week was hoping to find some clarity in the direction of my business. When I found out I was pregnant, I had to cancel several weddings and really lost some momentum. But that combined with everything I learned and experienced at TSOS made me realize that this was a great opportunity to look into other areas where I can use not just my love for photography but also for other creative outlets. I came away realizing it is okay that I pursue more than one creative passion and that my passions can even line up beautifully and naturally.

Check out a little sneak peek from TSOS Greensboro, captured by Emily!


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