“Support system.”


“A place to exchange ideas, discuss struggles, and seek advice.”


“Dependable group to lean on.”


“Uniting as one.” 


“Inspiring others through inspiration and motivation.”


I asked you what the word “community” meant to you, and was completely blown away by the responses. It seems that you are seeking out the same things from our community as we hope to give. Community is in our mission, and the foundation of what we are. The School of Styling was not only created to equip and encourage you, but provide a community where you feel supported by likeminded creatives. It also is a space where you can feel comfortable asking those tough questions to people who you know have been in the same boat as you. One of this biggest things I hear from attendees on our last day is that our workshop made them feel like they weren’t alone. That is so impactful, because as a small business owner, we all know how easy it can be to feel overwhelmed with all of the duties surrounding your own empire. When working at that 9-5, how often did you grab a coworker to “read over this email really quick” or seek their advice on a big project. As a small business owner, more often that not you are tackling everything on your own and the realization that every creative entrepreneur goes through the same struggles and hardships, is such an important reminder that you CAN get through it! Its completely normal to have those days where you feel “not enough” because, that’s just the thing friend, you ARE enough! Whether you are sitting on a big dream that seems to scary to chase, or you just need a little nudge from a friend to say “go for it!” Our community will give you just that! The School of Styling is here provide you with all of the tools you need to grow intentionally, and the most exciting thing about our community is that YOU are a part of it! 




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