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Carly Totten, copywriting and event planning expert, will be leading the “Copywriting for Creatives” course in our Creative Business Crash Course! Carly creates personal, unique marketing material for creatives and is the content manager for the Every Last Detail Wedding Site. We are so excited to introduce her course to you today!

Why Does Great Copy Matter for Creatives?

From color and texture to style and more, your website, social media presence, and marketing materials help to set the visual tone for your brand. However, your copy – the words you choose to feature in each and every space – pair with your visuals to tell your brand’s complete story.  

Whether the visitor is a past, current, or future client, each person is visiting your site or platform for a specific reason. In many cases, it’s to learn more about your services. However, they’re also visiting to learn more about you, the creative and heartbeat behind your personal brand. Answering immediate questions such as where you work, what services you can best offer to others, and the style of work that speaks the loudest to you are all important because each answers an immediate question in the visitor’s mind. However, many are also looking to delve a bit deeper. 

The clients you love and those who love you all have something in common: a craving for connection.

The story of your brand has so much more to it than simply answering the questions I noted above. Instead, the greatest brands, sites, and presences describe what and how, but they also explain why. Why are you traveling down this path on your life’s journey; why do you love what you do; why do you adore your industry; and so much more. Answering these questions presents a unique perspective that only you can offer – you’re describing what drives you (and only you!) to create the best experience and tangibles possible for your clients. 

Delving deeper into your heart and soul in order to create outstanding copy may seem daunting. However, by pausing to create steps for writing fantastic copy, the large task will suddenly seem far more manageable. During The School of Styling Copy Writing Class, you will learn how to brainstorm (and do it well!), the 12 questions that will cause you to think beyond the surface of yourself and your brand, and how to write your copy. Then, I’ll teach you how to use your copy in your marketing materials, social media presence, and even your email. 

Your words represent you – make them unique to tell your story and allow your brand to soar even higher.   


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