After polling numerous creatives to find out what new business owners desire to know most, along with combining our own personal experience as entrepreneurs, we have created a course that has been tested, refined, and perfected! 8 months of hard work later, we are excited to introduce to you the Creative Business Crash Course! An engaging 6-week course taught by ten industry professionals, comprised of 12 recorded videos, worksheets, a supportive online community, and bonus webinars. Needless to say, we have packed as much content as we could into these six weeks!

Let me ask you:

Do you struggle with defining your business direction?

Do you dream of leaving your 9-5 but you worry about being able to make ends meet?

Are you constantly running on empty, unable to give to those who really need you?

Do you desire to know how to launch (or relaunch) your business successfully?

Have you been in business for a few months/years and feel stuck – unsure which move to make next?

Do you want to have an efficient and productive work schedule?

Are you overworked, overwhelmed, and in need of guidance?

Do you want to feel prepared and equipped before starting your dream venture?

Are you still deciding what that is?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this 6-week crash course is guaranteed to change your business!

Find out about the curriculum, speakers, content and more HERE!





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