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Name: Jaclyn Johnson / Age: 31 / Profession: Entrepreneur, Founder Create & Cultivate / City, State: Los Angeles, CA / Time in Office Space: 8 months

We love the mission and power of the Create & Cultivate community and conferences. If someone has never heard of C & C, how would you explain it to them? We are an online platform and offline conference for female entrepreneurs in the digital space. But over the last year we have grown to be so much more. We are committed to empowering women to be bold in business, to take calculated and informed risks, and most importantly have fun while they are doing it!

The office space where you work is gorgeous! How would you describe its’ aesthetic? The space itself is a little cold, concrete floors, lots of metal etc. It was super important for us to have it feel home-y and cozy so we added lots of fabrics and comfy elements as well as some killer wallpaper and tons of arts and patterns. The aesthetic is sort of like the colorful poppy girl clubhouse you dreamed up when you were little.

What was the inspiration behind its’ design? Everyone knows that you work your buns off in the startup world, so we needed an office that facilitated the feeling of work/life balance, even if and when you’re burning midnight oil or in the office super early. It needed to be bright and inviting. It needed to feel like home away from home. It’s why everyone has “designated” spots, but they are also moving constantly. The large marble dining table is like our work version of a family dining table. I wanted to make sure the space didn’t feel restrictive in any capacity.

Do you have a favorite element or spot in your office space? What is it and why? Now that it’s summer, the rooftop. We’ve got a little C&C bar for sunset cocktails, if, and when the day allows. We’re also going to start doing some fun, summertime rooftop events. And my office — it’s my second home.

Do you have some future plans for the space or something you want to add? We’re growing as a team so figuring out how to make sure there is space for everyone/doesn’t feel crowded. I love this space so much, so the idea of outgrowing it… no, I don’t want to even think about it.

If you could give one piece of advice to someone starting their own business and taking charge by creating an office space, what would it be? And how do you find the balance between work and calm in your space? More founders, big and small bigger companies are moving toward open-office floor plan. You want people to feel comfortable at work because good ideas don’t happen when the space feels stale. Great ideas don’t happen in a vacuum–or holed-up in your office. That’s not to say your door has to be open all the time. You can have an open-door policy and still shut it once a day. Everyone at C&C knows that they are welcome in my office at any point, and honestly, sometimes they don’t leave. But that makes me feel good as a boss and as a founder. To have your employees want to be in your office means you’re doing something right and just knowing that gives me a sense of calm.  


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