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Katie Lee is a lifestyle designer (aka: daily life expert) for lady-gogetters, specifically the ones who can’t seem to figure out why time seems to slip past them each day. We are so excited to announce that she will be leading the “Designing Your Day for Enjoyable Productivity” course for our Creative Business Crash Course!

Through her bestselling book The Effortless Everyday: How to design your daily life to free up time and energy for what really matters, powerful weekly emails, speaking appearances and her How to Break Free From Busy Bootcamp she teaches you how to do daily life so you get everything done while making it all feel effortless.

Her adoring fans + clients have called her an insightful and gentle guide and so effing helpful! and one women said If Oprah and Stephen Covey had a baby…you’d get Katie. She’s the perfect mix of wisdom and applicable knowledge. And when she’s not teaching you can find her indulging in another episode of Mad Men, planning her next trip and semi-frequently baking cakes. Meet Katie + get ready to tackle your daily life at heykatielee.com.

Frazzled. Overwhelmed. Busy. Rushed. Hustle. 

Many times when we think of being productive those words (or feelings) come to mind. In fact it’s a message we receive from society repeatedly throughout the day. If you’re trying to get things done then the only way to do it is through those feelings. 

Productivity = going at a fast pace and feeling overwhelmed while you do it. 

What’s worse is that the less productive you are the more overwhelmed you feel. So if you slip up even a little bit you feel way behind and your need to be even more productive goes up. 

That formula does not sound very enjoyable. 

It definitely doesn’t sound supportive of creativity. 

And it sure doesn’t sound like the way you want to work, create or live for very long. 

So what if there was another way?

What if there was a way to cross everything off your list without exhausting yourself?

What if there is a way of operating in your day that allows you to create, be productive and still have a smile on your face?

What if there is a way to feel in the flow, get everything done and still have energy left at the end?

I’m sure you see where I’m going with this. There IS another way. 

Don’t believe all of the attention getting headlines or Instagram captions. It’s completely possible to be productive without being frazzled or overwhelmed. 

BUT if you’ve been operating this way for a while and you no longer want to feel this way then something has got to change. 

If you want different then you have to do different. 

I can show you how. During my talk I will show you how to design your day for enjoyable productivity. I’ll teach you ways to operate that you can use in your work, hobbies and life that will change how you feel about getting things done.

And to be completely honest, none if it is that hard. It just takes knowing what to do, setting some intentions and taking thoughtful action. I know it’s possible and I know you can do it. 

Stop the overwhelm. Start enjoying yourself. 

Design your day to do both.


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