Alyssa Thiel, calligrapher and founder of Parris Chic Boutique, will be joining us in Chapel Hill to teach calligraphy and a breakout session on growing and building a successful team. Today, she’s sharing a little peek into her team building talk and offering three ways to prepare your team for a new member!

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One of the biggest differences between a great business and a thriving business is a dedicated team of employees. The best business advice I ever received was, “Get help!” and even though it took me a year or so to figure that out, it was the best thing for our business. All too often friends in the business world tell me how tired and worn out they are. And though there is no magic cure for all of that to go away when you do finally hire help, a common theme I find when chatting through the exhaustion, is the fact that business owners are spending a majority of their time packaging and shipping out their products, or answering a never ending pile of emails. These, my friends, are things anyone can do for your company with just a bit of instruction and guidance.

So where should you start? Here are a few ways to prepare your business for a new team member…

1) Figure out where you are spending most of your time
What are the things you are doing that become tedious work? What keeps you up until 2am each night? Think through these tasks and start to develop a system or step by step program that can easily be broken down for a new hire. 

2) What gets you the most excited about your business
Think of the details you could be focusing on, the part of your business you enjoy, and the things that will really grow your business, in the end bringing in more income. Reality is, that should be your job; the job you are giving your best efforts to. Your company is not going to grow when you are up until 2am filling orders with little to no time to invest in the future of your business.

3) Start small
As silly as it sounds now, hiring a packager + shipper was SO hard for me to do! The shop was my baby and I couldn’t imagine even handing off one little piece of it to anyone else. But this area of the business, though very necessary, was not where my time should be spent. It was draining me and more than anything it was a burden for the growth of our business. So I started there, small, but the difference it made was huge. I have never looked back. Bringing on that shipper helped me to realize how much the business can grow when I have a team I trust. 

Hiring out opens up the door for you to refocus on the one thing that you, and only you, can do for your company: constant growth and planning for the future. Your business will only thrive when you are dedicating your best efforts to the process that only you can do, the reason you started it in the first place. You have talents and skills that deserve more than being put on the back burner while you answer FAQ after FAQ.

We cannot WAIT for October! There are still a few days left to take advantage of our Early Bird rate. Hop on over to the Chapel Hill page to read more!


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    I really appreciate this! It’s very timely:)


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