Today, we have TSOS Chapel Hill speaker and TSOS Brand Relations Manger, Kelly Hovis, on the blog sharing more information on pursuing healthy partnerships! In Chapel Hill she will be teaching a breakout session: “Creating Strategic and Healthy Brand Partnerships”

Have you ever heard the saying, “Before you can love someone else, you have to love yourself first”? Well, we can debate what this saying actually means, but if we take it at face-value, the same concept can apply to business partnerships. It implies that confidence in who you are, frees you up to love others well. You know your value, so that means you can spend your energy loving someone else well, instead of being self-serving.

Before you seek or accept business partnerships, you first need to be confident in your gifts and talents, so you know what you are worth. You don’t want to make the mistake of prostituting your business out to the detriment of your values and standards. You are worth something great, otherwise, you would’ve never started your business! In any business and personal ventures, there are going to be good days and bad days. There are encouragers and discouragers. So before you can continue in the pursuit of a healthy business, you need to determine your Dream Stealer.

I define Dream Stealer as this: the thing/person that ignites a sense of fear/anxiety when you begin to pursue your gifts and talents. It’s the thing that makes you rethink, question, and makes you want to run away or quit. So, what’s your Dream Stealer? It could be a relationship. It could be the (false) belief that you aren’t enough. It could be comparison…because she does it better. We all have a Dream Stealer, and the only way to persevere when her voice is louder than truth is to RECOGNIZE who or what it is. Once you recognize the source, you can quiet the voice before it overpowers truth. You take captive the thoughts that tell you that you aren’t enough and replace them with thoughts that are good, lovely, and true.

To persevere despite our Dream Stealer, we need to know our gifts and talents and be CONFIDENT in them. Confidence in your gifts and talents allows you to recognize that you were created with purpose, value, and importance. Confidence quiets the voice of the Dream Stealer and awakens a motivation to live out your gifts because you were created this way ON PURPOSE.

We’ve discussed before the value of a mission statement for your business, but what should this statement be, and why is it important? If you have created a business using your creative gifts and talents, your mission statement should sum up your non-negotiables. The confidence you have in your gifts is solidified and communicated through this statement and reminds you that your Dream Stealer does not have the final say.

A Mission Statement:

….It’s flexible enough that it allows your business to grow and evolve

…It’s rigid enough that you won’t compromise on your values

For example, here is TSOS mission statement: To Equip and encourage entrepreneurs to style with intention, build a smart business, and cultivate life giving community. When looking for collaborators or partners, our mission statement allows for new ideas within the guidelines of equipping, encouraging, styling, building a business, and life giving community.

Your mission statement gives you parameters to pursue your business and create partnerships without compromising your values. If you are looking for the next step in pursuing healthy collaborations and partnerships, start by nailing down your mission. 

We are so excited to have Kelly Hovis share even more information on Strategic and Healthy Parternships in Chapel Hill! Be sure to check out the full curriculum and speaker line up on the Chapel Hill page! Enrollment is OPEN!



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