When designing the shoot for the Summer School launch, I created three students I imagine would take the course. Chances are, you identify with one or more of the characteristics and titles I have given these ladies. I also wanted to dream up the spaces they would work in, which is what you see below!

Two of the great things about this online Summer School is 1) it’s during the summer and 2) it’s online. During the summer days are longer and warmer, we travel more frequently, and kids spend weeks at camp or at grandma’s. We all know how the fall gets – sports and school picks back up, our weekends get filled to the brim, and before we know it, it’s the New Year. That’s precisely why I created this course to take place over the summer. I believe it’s a time to be refreshed and recharged before heading into another crazy season.

Which is why the online component is so perfect. No matter where you are or where you’re traveling to, you’ll be able to complete each week’s modules. From your back porch to an airplane, you can take this class with you anywhere and everywhere. (And might I suggest a margarita while you enjoy the class? Why not? It’s summer! Treat yoself.)

Resourceful | Creative | Intentional

Struggle: I have so many ideas, interests, and passions I can’t choose what I should focus my time and resources on.

Goal-Oriented | Successful | Visionary 

Struggle: I want everything to be 100% perfect before I start my business or launch my product. Fear has halted my progress and I am stuck!

Self-Employeed | Trendy | Collaborative

Struggle: I am a trend-lover but I get swept up in every new and great thing. I have forgotten my voice as an artist and I need to find clarity in my business + brand.

Can you relate to any of the ladies above? Their struggles, strengths and passions? Summer School will be six weeks full of content, but in order to see progress and growth you must do the work and commit the time necessary. 

Curious if this program is the right fit for you? Shoot me an email at hello@theschoolofstyling.com!

Photographed by Perry Vaile / Styled by Kaitlin Holland / Venue: Pullen House


  1. Kyla Fetzner says:

    I love what y’all did with this shoot! It makes the course seem personal and relatable 🙂


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