Today I’m taking you behind the scenes and revealing my inspiration for the Summer School Launch shoot! I dreamt up the idea of showcasing different “types” of students who would take this course. Who was I designing this for? What do they love? What do they struggle with? I came up with the Ambitious Creative, the Determined Artist, and the Dreaming Perfectionist. 

I wanted a creative way to showcase these ladies and I was extremely inspired by my local Anthropologie window display. It was a color wheel design, similar to these:

As I dreamt up the personality types of each of my models, I chose a color that I associated with their qualities. For the Ambitious Creative I chose pink, for the Determined Artist I chose blue, and for the Dreaming Perfectionist I chose yellow. 

Using canvas and cheesecloth I created color swatches to incorporate into each design. 

I also loved to imagine where these students would take the class. The Ambitious Creative’s space is eclectic and feminine. The Determined Artist loves to work at her coffee table surrounded by pillows, greenery, and art. The Dreaming Perfectionist’s home office is clean, organized, and bright. Designing and styling the spaces was such a fun project!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little insider view today! Let me ask you – where do you love to work? What do you feel your space with? What color do you think fits your personality?

Photography by Perry Vaile / Styling by Kaitlin Holland / Venue: The Pullen House



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