Today, we are sharing some of our favorite images from TSOS Los Angeles! It’s so fun looking back at each workshop. Each one was so different, yet holds a special place in our heart! Read attendee reviews below!

The School of Styling LA was a wonderful workshop that incorporates relevant, inspiring talks with hands-on styling. The attention to detail was phenomenal. The underlying theme of “community over competition” was refreshing! I was pampered in an atmosphere of pursuing your creative gifts.” – Viva

“I have been telling everyone I know how awesome it was! Not only was it informative, but also beautifully organized and great for networking. It was so wonderful to start building a network of other creative entrepreneurs that can cheer each other on as we progress in our respective businesses. I spent some time thinking about it before I signed up because it was quite an investment for me, but I definitely feel like I got every penny’s worth out of it! I think everyone who has some sort of creative business can gain something from this workshop!”- Paige

“It was such an inspirational and growing experience! I took away little bits and pieces from everyone there from the students to the teachers, even if our business or services were nothing alike!” – Bekah

“Wow, I learned that success doesn’t equal what’s in my bank account or how insta-famous I am. It’s tough to not compare yourself, but I came out of it with more of a focus on myself and trying to just be happy with where I am in my life and business.” – Janel

Photography by Love, The Nelsons



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