Written by Kaitlin Holland + Photo by  Blue Barn  + Hand Lettering by  Parris Chic

Written by Kaitlin Holland + Photo by Blue Barn + Hand Lettering by Parris Chic


This day has been a long time coming, friends, and we are overjoyed to share with you our new site today! 

We worked closely with designer Quinn Luu to create a space that felt like home for you. We want you to feel understood here – like this was carefully created with you in mind (because it was!). We desire for you to be equipped and encouraged to create beautiful and meaningful work. And oh my goodness, did Quinn accomplish that! We are so thankful to her and all of her hard work, amazing coding skills (this is still a Squarespace site, but you wouldn’t know it!), and joyful spirit.

I (Kaitlin) recently did a podcast interview and one of the questions they asked me was “What’s the best investment you made in your first year of business?”

It might sound crazy, but the best investment I made in my business was hiring a designer (Juliet Grace Design) to do the TSOS logo. (Keep in mind I was developing my dream workshop at the time, which I think is a pretty darn good investment!) There was something about investing in my business that made me get serious. This wasn’t just a dream on paper, it was something I was doing. Because I invested. I spent money. It cost me something. So, I had to do something about it. I had to act and move and work. 

This new site design is, in a lot of ways,  symbolic of the next chapter for my business. I have recently hired our first full time employee (Kelly, our Brand Relations Manager), I’m planning on growing the staff even more in 2016, our new site is professional and exactly what I dreamt, and our workshops have reached a whole new level of quality and meaning. 

It’s amazing to look back at my logo investment. Things have changed, not because we are getting swept up in the newest and best trend, but because we are constantly refining. This new site is completely in line with our heart for TSOS and an extension of the dream I had when I commissioned the logo design back in 2014.

Thank you to those who have believed in us and our mission for the past year and a half. I still think back to the seventeen women who attended our first workshop. To the five speakers who agreed to speak. How grateful I am to you for believing in what TSOS could be before I could tangibly and visibly show it. We are humbled each and every time we read an email of someone encouraged, meet a new friend at a workshop, and partner with new brands to serve our audience.

This really is an amazing journey, this who entrepreneurship thing, and we are honored you have chosen to learn and grow with us!


  1. The new site is GORGEOUS! So refreshing – I want to click on everything 🙂


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