Name: Perry Vaile / Job Title: Photographer / Business: Perry Vaile PhotographyCity/State: Raleigh, NC

Can you tell us a little bit about your business and what you do? While the easy answer is that I’m a wedding and editorial photographer, the truth is that it’s a little bit of magic really. When it comes down to it, I push one small button, at just the right moment and produce an image that has the ability to evoke emotions, stir thoughts and swell hearts until long after I’m gone. I create photographs that are a testament to the heart-pounding, sweaty palm sort of love that finds us in our youth and ages as we do into deeply-rooted, soul-nourishing love. That’s my hope at least. Lofty goals, I know. Coming from a background as a Historian, I see my role as a photographer, more so as a documenter and artist, balancing both the authentic and the beautiful into an editorial aesthetic. It’s a profession that so truly resonates with me, that I would do if I hit the Powerball lotto. (That’s when you know it’s love). PS: For the record though, there’s a LOT that goes into the process before I push that one small button, but what’s magic after all though – without a little mystery?

How did you develop your specific craft? I took a roundabout journey into becoming a photographer after first diving headlong into the world of academic History. I always felt a connection to the tangible bits of our past, those pieces that felt powerful beyond simply their physical worth for their ability to pull you into a bygone time. With an insatiable need for a creative outlet in a world of rigidity and structure, I began using photography as my own language for preserving stories. Before I knew it, I was faced with a choice between my two great loves of History and Photography. There were only so many hours in a week, after-all! It was when I finally realized that through my images I could still be the historian too, that I really felt like I discovered who I was.

What is your favorite part of your craft and/or business? Creating. It seems like such a simple thing really – to make. The act of creating beauty is easily my favorite part as a business owner and artist. One of my favorite practices in creating beauty in front of my lens, is when I photograph portraits. While I do adore details, and scenes, it’s PEOPLE that inspire me. That’s where my heart is. Showing someone how beautiful they are, making them see it when perhaps they don’t think it could possibly be true – that’s everything.

Tell us a little bit about what you will be offering through The School of Styling this year? I have a bit of a long-winded side to me, I know it’s true. I loveeeee to talk, and to share and to connect and to teach. So what am I offering? ENTHUSIASM. LOTS AND LOTS OF ENTHUSIASM. I’m going to be sharing just about every little bit of who I am at the School of Styling this year – from deep within my very passionate heart. I’ll be speaking on the essence of what makes an image great, creating and sustaining your voice through photographs (HELLO Instagram feed), how to keep your sanity (okay, so this one is admittedly under another title called Timelines & Turnarounds), and last but not least, teaching you about the unmatched, mystical, just friggin phenoooomenal medium that is film photography. Can I say friggin? I’ll also be opening up my home and business (in-person or via almost-as-awesome Skype date), to welcome students to one-on-ones throughout the year on a myriad of topics chosen by them! I can’t wait!

Why did you decide to do the Instructor Program? There’s a lot of energy behind all these blonde curls and red lipstick. Like A TON. It has to go somewhere, ya know?! I’ve taught for awhile informally, and in more structured ways through avenues like workshops and one-on-ones, but there is really a special place in my heart for what Kaitlin has created with The School of Styling. The purity of her vision, the sort of atmosphere for encouragement and connection that is fostered through TSOS, and the overall sick, ridiculous, insane (in the BEST WAYS) talent and inspiration that drips from every facet of what is being created by Kaitlin and this amazing collection of people is something that I truly believe in. Fundamentally, I think the Instructor Program will make a difference to so many creatives in the best way, and I have been blown away and sincerely honored with the opportunity to be a part of it.

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