Today in our online Facebook community, we asked if you could put that auto-responder up and jet set to anywhere in the world – where would it be!? Our dream vacay list is about a mile long, but while we are dreaming of our favorite destinations we thought we should share some helpful tips for getting the most of out your trip! Because, lets be honest, how many of us have been caught sneaking into the bathroom “to check an email really quick” while our husbands or families patiently wait for us to head out of the door! Just because you are running your own business does not mean you can’t enjoy a few days away from your gmail, so grab those sunglasses and sunscreen and read up!

1. Notify your clients

This seems like a no brainer, but if you notify your clients far enough in advance they should respect those boundaries and give you that much needed break. This also gives you an opportunity to setup a meeting to go over any pending tasks or create a game plan for while you are away. Hint: add in your out of office days to your email signature prior to your trip as a reminder to clients!

2. Batch, batch, batch!

There is no reason why you can’t get all of those daily projects and tasks done in advance, so you can breathe easy while you’re away! Planoly is our favorite Instagram tool, and they have just introduced auto-posting! Asana is also a great way to keep track of your to-do lists to ensure you staying on top of things, and of course  we love that gratifying feeling of checking things off of your list!

3. Outsource

If you’ve been running yourself ragged for way longer than you’d like to admit, and a vacation truly seems out of the question – it might be time to outsource! What are some things in your business that you can let go of? We have a growing online community of creative professionals, and many virtual assistants that may be able to with those daily tasks so that you can grow your business, and maybe enjoy a day off – or three!

4. Know the world will keep spinning without you!

When your head is down, and you are hustling hard – its pretty difficult to imagine anything can get done without you! But remember, while the work you do is immensely important, its also important to give yourself a little break! If you complete steps 1 – 3, you can easily take that long deserved vacation and your business will not suffer! There is like beyond gmail and hashtags, and it tastes just like a piña colada!

Images by Cambria Grace Photography


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