Today we have the ladies from the WinMock at Kinderton sharing one of their favorite fall cocktails, the Apple Cider Bourbon! We love their creative seasonal recipes and can’t wait to try this one ourselves!

When the leaves start gracefully turning from bright green to rich hues of red, yellow, and orange, the temperature cools, and ripe apples are in full force in the rolling hills of North Carolina, we know it is the official seasonal start to autumn. With easy access to these crisp apples, we knew we just had to create a delicious cocktail incorporating our favorite fall elements.



 Bourbon

 Spiced Apple Cider

 Ginger Ale

 Ground Cinnamon

 Fresh Apple Slices

The how-to:

1. This is a drink that works well built in a glass, and only needs a quick stir at the end. Start by filling a glass with ice.

2. Combine 1 part bourbon with 1 part spiced apple cider and 1 part ginger ale.

3. Sprinkle with ground cinnamon, then garnish with an apple slice or two.

4. Gently stir to combine before sipping.

Enjoy this drink paired with a cozy, plaid throw blanket in front of a fire for the perfect take on fall in a cup!


The gals from WinMock

Photography: Sara Logan Photography // Venue: WinMock at Kinderton



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