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Name: Shannon Kirsten / Age: 31 / Profession: Illustrator / City, State: Bradenton, Florida / Owned For: 5 years / Style of House: 1940’s Bungalow

We absolutely love your illustrations! How did you get started and what advice can you give to fellow entrepreneurs? I always knew I wanted to do something creative. Growing up I was always doing craft projects and making things with my mom. I went to art school for fashion design and fell in love with illustrating there. Shortly after graduating I started freelancing in textile design and I opened a shop on Etsy on the side. I gradually added prints and offering custom wedding invitations. I participated in a few styled shoots and received some really great press from wedding blogs. It just started to grow from there! Patience, dedication, and passion are what I think a great, long lasting business grows from. It’s going to take time, it’s going to be frustrating and really hard sometimes, but with passion and vision I truly believe one can do anything they want. Be persistent and keep an open mind to learn new things and to change things that can make your business better, which will make it grow.      

Now on to your beautiful home. How would you describe your home’s aesthetic? Earthy eclectic bohemian with a touch of modern. I am drawn to color, patterns, and all things nature and traveled inspired. But I also often gravitate towards lots of white and clean lines.    

Where do you find inspiration? Do you have any dream homes or spaces that you have used as reference for yours? I haven’t used a particular home or style to draw inspiration from but I do like to reference blogs for styling tips, general inspiration, and to see homes all over the world. The Jungalow, Emily Henderson, and Design Sponge are among my favorites.

Can you give fellow homeowners advice for how to curate a well-designed home? Inspired, happy, and comforting are what comes to mind when I imagine my home so I think staying true to your personal style and interests when decorating is most important. I’m not one for ‘rules’ and don’t really feel like I always know what I’m doing when it comes to décor, but I’ve learned to make thoughtful decisions and to only buy what I’m really in love with. I’ve always ‘slept on’ big decisions like furniture or items that are more expensive to make sure that they will have longevity here. I think a well curated home comes from that and those pieces you can’t live without, the ones that possess your personality and interests and have a little quirk.

What is your go to shop for home goods or do you tend to collect pieces along the way? I’m definitely more of a collector! Anthropologie and West Elm are among my favorites though because I love that I can always find a mix of quirky and sophisticated there. And of course Etsy! Etsy is so great for finding really unique things (plus supporting other small businesses).  I absolutely love finding vintage items and scouring local thrift stores. I also always try to find something for the house on my travels because I love collecting pieces that have great memories. I’ve used some of my own artwork and photographs from my travels on our gallery wall and throughout the house.  My grandfather has built a lot of my furniture including my bed, coffee table, and desk. It’s so special to have handmade items.

What is your favorite spot in your house and why? Definitely the living room, it’s the most lived in and the coziest. It’s here Hunter and I spend most of our time after work, where we usually eat dinner (on the coffee table), and where I paint late at night while watching our favorite shows.      


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  1. Thank you so much for featuring our Bungalow! xo Shannon

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    Love this home so much!!!

  3. Giiiirl, gorgeous!! #homegoals


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