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Alyssa Thiel, founder and owner of home/wedding décor company Parris Chic Boutique, will be leading our course “The Creative Salesperson” for our Creative Business Crash Course. Alyssa and her husband, Danny, have turned a hobby into a business and we are so blessed to have her leading one of our courses. Their home and wedding décor is handmade and tested in their shop in Allentown, NJ and they have so much advice to share with the CBCC members. Today we are sharing a peek into what Alyssa’s course will cover!

I’m so excited to be a part of The School of Styling’s new online program and share all about a not so favorite, but oh so necessary topic: sales. There are so many different factors that make up your company’s sales on the day to day. Things like advertising, collaborating, and customer service are areas you should be focused on to maintain sales, but before any of that comes into play, I recommend doing a brand check. Ask yourself a few questions about your business identity to better target the right people and get your services or products in front of the correct eyes, which will ultimately lead to sales.

Narrow in on your target market. Who is it that you are trying to reach? Where do they live, shop, work? What do they do for fun? Answering these questions will help you identify your ideal client. As you get into advertising, sharing on social media, and pushing sales, having a target client will help you zoom in on those most likely to purchase your offerings and most importantly, help you cater to their exact needs.

For some, it helps to think of an actual person, to dream up that very ideal client and what they look like. Maybe even give them a name and build a life for them. In my own business, I like to think of a house. Yes, I see my brand as one big, giant home. Since we sell home decor, it helps me to focus on where the client lives and what their surroundings look like as opposed to what they look like. For example the ultimate Parris Chic Boutique home always smells like fresh cookies, there are baskets of blankets everywhere so that any guest is always cozy and comfy, candles are lit, rustic wood floors fill the home, and giant cups of coffee always accompany ones hand. The more I get into the details of what each room looks like and who exactly would fill that room, the more I can identify who my target market is.

Take a look at your own brand. Can you think of who it is that most likely will be interested in what you’re offering? Analyzing your customers in this way is a great approach for successful ad campaigns and by reaching the right people from the start, you will save your business a lot of money and a lot of headache. Here’s a few questions to help you dig even further:

Who are you trying to reach?

Does your business cater to this type of client already?

If not, what areas can change to better reach your ideal client?

How are you going to reach this customer?

This is just the beginning! Come join me and take the Creative Business Crash course to learn more about my tips and tricks on sales – there is a bit of a sales person in each one of us and I’d love to help you find yours!


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