We are so excited for our first ever Summer Bash at the Merrimon-Wynne House in Raleigh, NC on June 23rd! You can read more here about the event’s schedule and snag a ticket. We can’t wait for the event’s mini-sessions so today we are sharing a sneak peek about each of our three fabulous speakers.

MINI SESSION #1: Brush Calligraphy (*1 hour)

Alexa Behar of Sage Paper Co. will be hosting a brush calligraphy session. She is so talented and we can’t wait to learn more during her hands-on session! Read below to learn more about what Alexa hopes you take away from your time with her!

“Are you curious about the art of watercolor and calligraphy? Have you been looking for a fresh way to add art to your walls? This workshop is for you! During our time together, I will teach you the basics of brush lettering, starting with the tools of the trade, brushstroke techniques, and an overview of the full alphabet. We will then progress to learning how to connect your letters, add your own personality and design an encouraging art print for you to take home!

Even if you don’t have naturally pretty penmanship, this class will teach you how to add style to your letters and enjoy a new creative hobby. My hope is that you take your lettering skills and use them to create meaningful art for your home, office, event décor and more!”

MINI SESSION #2: Collaborating, Networking, and Brand Partnerships

Lauren Hooker of Elle & Company is full of tips on how to maximize on networking and make your collaborations the best they can be. Read on for what you’ll learn in Lauren’s mini session!

“Successful business owners understand that in order to do well, they can’t go it alone. Networking and collaborating is a key part of not only reaching new audiences and gaining referrals, but it’s also beneficial for building relationships and combining forces/talents.

I’m excited to teach you some actionable ways to truly connect with other industry professionals in an authentic, memorable way.”

MINI SESSION #3: What Makes an Image Great: Creating a Cohesive Brand

Perry Vaile from Perry Vaile Photography has created a beautiful, successful photography brand. She wants to help her mini session find their voice and learn how to curate beautiful images – read about her goals for Mini Session #3!

“Beautiful images, though they may seem effortless, happen through practice, attention to detail, and purposeful creative choices. In the age of Instagram and ever-updating websites, photographs have become a vital piece of every creative’s branded aesthetic and visual representation (and not simply for photographers). This class will cover an introduction into finding your photographic voice, what is is, how to uncover it, ways to hone or strengthen it, and – ultimately – how best to use it to your advantage in business.

Students will walk through exercises to understand the visual voice they are currently portraying to potential clients, as well as learn methods to allow these images to evolve as their business grows and matures. Whether you are an artist, florist, calligrapher, photographer, writer, or designer, the photographs you present to the world tell your audience who you are in a myriad of unspoken ways. Images are one of the most influential tools in branding a business or product, so take some time during this 30 minute introductory course to breathe fresh air into your photographic voice.”

MINI SESSION #4: Hands-on Flat Styling

Kaitlin Holland, founder of The School of Styling will be leading a hands-on session on flat styling. At this session, you will learn strategies to take your styling to the next level. To learn more on what this session is about, read her blog post: Three Tips for Styling a Beautiful Flat.






We are so excited for our Summer Bash and can’t wait to see you June 23rd! 

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