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Have you heard? Instagram is changing. And those three words have given many of you small business owners quite a bit of anxiety. So, let’s talk about it. Take a deep breathe, grab a cup of coffee, and let’s hash it out. What can we do to make sure this new change doesn’t affect our business, our sales, our recognition? What can we do to make sure our businesses don’t take a hit and our exposure doesn’t decrease? Because the reality is this, Creatives thrive off of Instagram. Before social media, it use to be pretty difficult to find success in this industry. Instagram has completely changed that for us. Now, it’s easier to get our work noticed and our new business off the ground. So what do we do about this new change?

First, if you have no idea what I’m talking about, let me explain! Currently, we all view our Instagram feed based on the most recent post. As you scroll, the posts get older and displays every post from whom you follow in chronological order. This updated Instagram, changes not only the way we view those posts, but whose we view. The posts at the top of your feed will be from those Instagram thinks you want to see. So the people you interact with most, will be the first posts you see, whether it’s posted 2 hours prior or 3 days prior. 

Why are they doing this? Instagram (now owned by Facebook) has stated that viewers typically only see 30% of the content on their feeds. The goal with the new algorithm is to make it the most interesting content for each viewer. 

You may have noticed a lot of your favorite accounts posting a graphic that tells you to “turn on notifications.” By turning on your notifications for all your favorite accounts, you’ll receive a notification that will pop up on your home screen every single time that person posts. Do you really want to ask your audience to do this? Their lives are so busy and hectic and the last thing you want to do is interfere, annoy, and ultimately turn them off. 

So if you’re not asking your followers to turn on their notifications, how can you ensure your posts will be seen? To be honest, not much has changed. The goal is, and has always been, to have incredibly engaging content. The more your followers like, comment, and talk about what you’re posting, the more likely you are to convert followers to fans and fans to clients. And, now with the new algorithm, the more likely your content will be seen at the top of their feed – sometimes days after you post!

No one likes change, especially when we have built a good chunk of our business around one social media platform. The good news is, this doesn’t mean it’s the end for small businesses on social media! 

What are your biggest questions about the new Instagram algorithm? How do you feel about the impending change?



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