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Written by: Lindsey Hartsell of Lindsey Lee Photography

Getting noticed.  Finding work.  Making a living doing this job that I love.  These are just some of the things so many creatives worry about.  Who will find my work? Will they like me? How will my personality shine through? How will I be able to showcase what I am capable of? How can I share projects I am proud of? How can I reach out to my most perfect and ideal client and get them to hire me?

Well, what if there was a site that constantly talked about you?  A site that made it easy for people to know what you are about.  A site where your best work was ready and available for people to see.  And what if this site talked about you multiple times per week? What if it created a separate website on google every time it talked about you and your work? What if this site was key worded correctly so that google could read it well and send more people your way? And what if it wasn’t just a static website, but a site that was constantly changing, giving people a reason to come back and look at your work over and over.  Don’t you think a site like this would REALLY help your business?! Don’t you think ideal clients who aligned themselves with your type of creativity would really appreciate it and be interested?  If you aren’t currently utilizing a blog, these are all the things (and more!) you are missing out on!

I know “Blogging” can seem sorta early 2000’s.  Other outlets (IE instagram) seem to have a little bit of a hold on the creative world at the current moment.  I am definitely not saying other platforms are wrong for marketing as I am utilizing them myself.  However, truly, Blogging is my number one tip for anyone who is looking to grow and expand their business scope and influence.  If you aren’t blogging…why the heck not?! Not only is it a place to shine…but…wait for it…it’s free!!!!!  Anyone in a creative(or uncreative) field knows that having a line item budget for ‘advertising’ is actually quite hilarious.  We are busy creating! Giving all of our energy and funds to this art and passion and business!  Everyone is wanting to be heard, to be seen, to show what they can do.  If you wait around for other people to notice you, they may…but they may not.  Create the buzz for yourself!  

Since I began blogging in 2008, I can say without a doubt, it is 100% of the reason for my reach and success as a wedding and portrait photographer in North Carolina, specifically, the Charlotte Market.  In the early years of a new business, thinking of blogging can be stressful in that you may feel you don’t have enough content/ideas/work to blog about.  The ever famous question of “What will I say?!”.  Well, get creative!  Post a ‘behind the scenes’ of your craft.  Tell more about who you are. Invite the reader into your life!  So many people will be interested in your world (I promise!).  Not only potential clients, but even potential collaborators.  Folks like purchasing from people they connect with.  I think in the creative field this is especially true.  People love to know more about what they are purchasing, the why behind it, the blood sweat and tears that went into it.  They want to know MORE about where their money is going.  Tell them! On your blog! FOR FREE!

Not only does keeping a current blog help people to connect with you, but it helps you to develop a following…people who are interested in you and what you do.  Sure, folks may like your work based on your website, but why, after the first time that they give your site a quick peruse, do they EVER need to come back to it?  Blogging provides fresh content.  It gives them a reason to continually check you out!  Think of the websites you frequent most (let’s take out clothing/shopping sites for the sake of this argument…as some of us, ahem, may have a few they visit entirely too often).  Favorite artists, bands, creatives, products.  Do you think you have visited those sites more than 50 times? 100 times? If they never change, even 10 times? Since I began blogging, I have written nearly 700 posts.  That’s basically an average of 2 times per week for the last 7 years.  And I can say without a doubt that there are folks out in the world that have read and viewed every single one of those posts!  How awesome is that?! Don’t you think when it comes to referrals that there are followers excited to tell their friends about a vendor they have followed for 700 posts?  That’s commitment!  You can bet I am very ‘top of mind’ when these followers hear of someone needing wedding or portrait photography.  These friends/followers/blog readers are where all of my business comes from!  That’s 700 pages on the internet for google to read.  That’s 700 DIRECT pieces of marketing.  Where else can you get that sort of return on investment?  The investment of simply TIME.

So I ask: What would it look like for your business if you had folks out there so completely invested in you that followed you regularly?  In an Instagram world, be a Blogger. Don’t give a one sentence description of the awesome work you do, give them a paragraph and some personality to go along with it.  Give the public/potential clients more!  Blogging has transformed my business…and the best part?? It didn’t cost me a dime.

Check out my blog and if you just want to read one of my favorite blog posts, check out the story about the time we lost our dog, Darby…it’s still a blog chart topper!

Realize this: some of the best connections with clients come from outlets that aren’t even related to the service you provide, but to the connection people find IN YOU.  And don’t forget, blogging simply starts with the first post, not the 700th.  Happy Blogging Everyone!

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