Written by Kaitlin Holland

Written by Kaitlin Holland

It’s time, y’all! We have been hinting at the release of online content for a few months now and this project has been in the works even longer. As this community has grown, we have realized a deep need for accessible content for people in any stage of business and life.

No matter what brings you here, we are so thankful that you have a desire to grow and learn. After all, that’s what this whole entrepreneurship thing is really all about!

Without further ado, I introduce to you The Creative Online Academy!

The Creative Online Academy is an in-depth online curriculum designed to inspire the creative and educate the entrepreneur.

We understand running your business is often like putting on a one-man (or woman!) circus. You jump from act to act, juggling more things than you previously thought humanly possible. It can be overwhelming, exhilarating, confusing, and rewarding – all at the same time.

Because we have been there, we created a program to help guide you and give you the confidence you need as you run your creative business.

Our 2016 Instructors have worked hard (and I mean hard!) to create content that is exciting and engaging for you. The curriculum mirrors our in-person workshops as we cover similar topics that are vital for creative entrepreneurs to understand.

Here’s what you will learn:

+ Drop Those Expectations & Live Out Your Why

+ The Fundamentals of Design & Visual Storytelling

+ Finding Your Photographic Voice

+ What Makes an Image Great

+ The Creative Salesperson

+ Your Brand Presence 

+ Creating Beautiful Bouquets

+ Designing Centerpieces 

+ Setting the Table: Formal & Informal

+ Stop, Collaborate & Listen 

You’ll notice we cover many different mediums such as styling, floral design, and tabletop design. We also touch on topics that are heart-focused, brand-focused, and business-focused. While you may not consider yourself a florist, stylist, or a photographer, we believe that there is great value is being trained in a variety of artistic mediums.

When you attend art school you don’t just go for your specific interest, for example, painting. You are also required to take classes on drawing, photography, and sculpting in order to understand your specific craft better and strengthen your eye for design.

The Creative Online Academy will be available throughout the year. We will also be offering topical Add-On Packages for you to design your own unique curriculum based on your interests and needs. Those packages will be released once a month for five months (starting the end of February). 

Add-On Package topics include: 

+ Business & Finances (releasing in February)

+ Wedding Planning & Styling (releasing in March)

+ Marketing & Branding (releasing in April)

+ Social Media (releasing in May)

+ Photography (releasing in June)

These packages can be purchased individually, but if you enroll in The Creative Online Academy you’ll receive a pretty great discount off of the Add-On Packages!

We hope you are as excited as we are to reveal this big project and we hope it blesses you greatly. 

Have a question about The Creative Online Academy? Email us at hello@theschoolofstyling.com.

Photography by Blue Barn / Styling by TSOS / Calligraphy by Parris Chic / Hair & Makeup by LULA Hair & Makeup / Venue: The Glassbox at 230



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