Name: Candice Lorraine Beaty / Job Title: Photo Stylist + Event Designer / Business: Candice Lorraine LLCCity/State: Atlanta, Georgia

Can you tell us a little bit about your business and what you do? Well, so far my business model is “Candice choosing what gets her most excited and out of bed and then running towards it quickly”. I truly believe that every milestone of life prepares you perfectly for the next one. If I hadn’t earned a degree in Education, I would have never adopted the organizational skills needed to become a wedding planner. If I had never dove into wedding planning, I would have never been exposed to photo shoots and styling. If I hadn’t ever gathered courage to start styling side projects on my own… then I wouldn’t be here sharing my story. It all just snowballs into one beautiful story of grace, transition, and faith. So my current business now is a mashup of photo styling, meets product art direction,dddd meets wedding planning and event design. Mouthful? I know.

What is your favorite part of your craft and/or business? I love working with products. I love being able to take a tangible item, hold it in my hand and come up with ways to showcase it. Recently, I have been working with a cosmetics line to style all of their Instagram photos. This was such a fun challenge for me because I really do not know much about makeup! So learning the organic and natural ingredients, or the techniques used to make it, and then being able to showcase that through images has been such a fun brain stretch.

I also really love wedding styled shoots. The teamwork that is involved and the depth of friendships built have been so monumental in my career. Some of my closest friends are those who I have worked countless hours planning a photo shoot with. You sweat together, you laugh together, you work tirelessly to create this beautiful story, and the results are always so magical. I love how styled shoots bring people together, creating such community. Truly, my most treasured memories in the wedding industry have been collaborating on styled shoots.

Tell us a little bit about what you will be offering through The School of Styling this year? EEK! I am so excited about being a part of The School of Styling! I cannot wait to share with the students about wedding planning, and how to really love and support your bride throughout the process. I also am excited to help girls with table settings and getting those perfect shots ready for photo shoots or wedding days. As well as explaining what I carry in my styling tool kit (it’s so heavy!!). But mostly, I just cannot wait to meet the girls who come to learn. I love new faces and building relationships with people who all support each other. I have so much to learn from these girls! I cannot wait to hear the stories and be able to just learn from everyone’s journey!

Why did you decide to do the Instructor Program? Why wouldn’t I do it?! Are you kidding me? When Kaitlin emailed me, I dropped my computer! I literally was in such shock. I feel completely humbled, honored and blown away by this opportunity. Last year’s TSOS in Charleston, I was able to view from the sidelines, helping babysit one of the photography teams daughters. I was truly in awe of the elegance, grace and passion I saw from the women involved. I was planning on signing up to attend! So when I get this jaw-dropping email from Kaitlin asking ME, little old me?!?!, to speak and share my story, you cannot even imagine (no seriously, you cannot even imagine) the squeals, squeaking, laughing, crying, screaming, jumping, dancing and energized fit I threw of happiness. It was definitely one for the books.

There is no place I would rather be, than surrounded by women all wanting to learn how to better their crafts, improve their industry and build friendships. That is where I want to be.

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