Name: Amanda Saiontz Gluck / Age: 30 / Profession: Lifestyle Blogger & Decor Expert behind Fashionable Hostess  / Rent or Own Home: Own / Bedrooms: 5 / Baths: 6 / Location: Nashville, TN  / Years in Home: 6 months

What was your first job after college? After graduating from Brown University, I worked at Macy’s Merchandising Group in production of private label cold weather accessories. The next five years I worked at an array of marketing and sales Fashion jobs – from Harper’s Bazaar Magazine, to Shashi Jewelry, to Public Relation Manager of Alice & Trixie.

You once were a part of the NYC fashion scene. It’s so difficult to enter the market in NYC, how did you get your foot in the door and thrive? In college I did internships during my summers in NYC so that definitely opened many doors and many contacts. Then from the moment I got to the city I was always networking. I worked in Public Relations which means working both with editors as well as bloggers on a daily basis. I would say the way to be successful in your job in New York is to expect to work A LOT! Working past 8 pm on a daily basis is the norm so approach it ready to put in the time to get ahead!

Why did you decide to leave NYC for Nashville? My husband grew up in Nashville so we always visited from the time I met him. It’s a gorgeous place and everyone raved about how great it was for raising a family. Once we had our second baby, we were starting to feel stressed for space in our 5th Avenue apartment so it was time to start looking for a home. Nashville felt like the right move for us.

Your home is absolutely stunning. How has your style changed through the years? My style is changing every minute. I may glance at a catalogue in the morning and then go re-arrange the entire layout of my living room in the afternoon. Overall though, my style is elegant, clean, a lot of neutrals, and tons of gold accessories. While my New York City apartment was much more mod sleek, that was definitely dictated by the style of the space. Our home now is a classic Southern style with beautiful molding and archways, so I felt I wanted to soften my look when buying and designing furniture for the space.

Where do you go for inspiration when styling a space? I love Pinterest first and foremost, then I have my monthly subscriptions to Elle Decor, Veranda, and House Beautiful.

Does your husband have much input in the style and decor of your home? Ha. That’s a funny question! While I did choose all the pieces {along with the help of my Interior designer Charlotte Dunagan, who is based in Miami}, he had to “ok” everything before we actually purchased. While a couch can look beautiful, if it is not comfortable, it won’t make the cut!

Which room in your house is your favorite and why? My favorite room is my office. It has great natural light and all of my girly accessories in one place. Prints with inspiring quotes, endless candles, and pretty much everything is white or pink. My second favorite {and by far my most highly used} is the kitchen. I always wanted an all-white kitchen, so when I flew all the way to Miami just to hand select the perfect marble with the faintest veining, I knew that room would be the best.

Describe your style in one sentence: Classic style with a feminine twist.

For Fun:

Currently Reading: “Why Not Me” by Mindy Kaling {dying laughing}

Currently Shopping For: Holiday Gifts {I have way too many people on my list}

Currently Cooking: Vegan Berry Cobbler {I just posted the recipe on my blog}

Currently Styling: Holiday Tablescapes {I have so many fun brand partnerships in a row and am loving every minute of it}

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