Name: Kathryn Gillespie / Age: 21 / Profession: Founder of Olive and Pine Goods (online artisan goods + gifts shop), blogger, piano teacher, freelance florist / Rent or Own Studio: Rent  / Square Footage: 850 / City, State: Dallas, Texas / Months/Years in Studio: 4 months

Tell us a little bit about what you do: I do a bit of everything. I’m still exploring to find my creative niche, but currently I teach piano lessons, do freelance floral design, blog, and run an online artisan goods + gifts shop (Olive and Pine Goods). I love everything involving creativity or styling, and I’m a bit of a jack of all trades…though I’ve been working to narrow my field.  

We love your workspace! It’s cozy, light and airy. What has inspired your style? Endless hours of pinning and following amazing Instagrammers. I love white, gold, and grey and the combination of clean yet cozy spaces. I wanted my space to be calm and peaceful yet clean and functional, and to have ample storage.

We love your floral chair! Where did you find it, and where are your favorite spots to look for fun decor? The chair is from Target! I buy most of my decor from Target and IKEA (because that’s what I can afford!). But I find lots of inspiration from West Elm, Pottery Barn, Anthropologie, Instagram, and (of course!) Pinterest!

You have said you sometimes work from a coffee shop and even your bed! Where do you find you are most productive? It depends on the day (and whether my desk is clean)! I get bored easily and like to vary my routine and environment to help me stay focused. Sometimes that means editing photos for my blog in the buzzing energy of a coffee shop between teaching piano lessons, sometimes answering e-mails and placing orders in my cozy bed with a mug of tea, sometimes practicing calligraphy or painting watercolor at my desk.

Why did you decide to create a workspace of your very own? Ever since I was a little girl I remember spending hours on my bedroom floor with a mess of paper and craft supplies around me. My closet always overflowed with the bins of craft supplies I spent my allowance on. Not much has changed, except that I make prettier messes, and have a desk to work at now! My husband and I are poor newlyweds living in a one bedroom apartment. We don’t even own a kitchen table! I realized I needed a creative space when I found myself practicing calligraphy and painting watercolors on an upside down cardboard box. It’s nice to finally have that space and to be able to store my supplies more conveniently.

What is your favorite thing about having your own space to create beautiful things? From my childhood obsession with lemonade stands to a weed pulling service I started with my friends when I was 11, to making cards and attempting to sell handmade aprons and frames…I’ve always been an entrepreneurial spirit. In fact, I have yet to have had what some people would consider “a real job.” When I was younger I was always coming up with new business ideas and grand plans for the future, and when I was in high school instead of working retail or at a burger joint I began teaching private piano lessons. It is easy to feel like my work isn’t as real as a “normal” job. Having that space is one thing that makes my work feel valid and worthwhile. Even when I’m not working at my desk, having that space dedicated to creativity makes my work feel like it is an intentional part of my life. Since I do much of my work at home it is a way to separate work and life.  

Is the rest of your home styled similar to your studio? Not exactly, but it has the same soft and clean feel. The rest of the room has the same color scheme of off white, gold, grey, and mustard, and the colors of the room are so soothing. I really love the combination of muted organic colors and clean design.

Why do you think it has been important for you to separate your “work” space from the rest of your “living” space? Since I live in a one bedroom apartment and both my husband and I work from home, it is very important to have defined spaces. It isn’t ideal, but my desk is in our bedroom; but it still feels like a separated space as all my work items are in one place.

For Fun:

Currently Eating: Does drinking count? Because I’ve been downing eggnog chai lattes from Starbucks. They’re only around November and December so I’m savoring them and going as often as I can!

Currently Watching: I’ve been re-watching the Sherlock series (the BBC version with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman). It’s probably my favorite show. I also just finished re-watching the Harry Potter series.

Currently Dreaming of: A trip to Iceland…or anywhere in Europe! Traveling the world is a huge dream of mine.

Currently Planning: The launch of Olive and Pine, my new online shop full of artisan goods and gifts.




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