Brittany Roberston of Oh My Dear Blog, is a successful blogger who dabbles in a bit of everything, from interior decorating to sharing recipes. Featured on Style Me Pretty Living and Design Sponge, Brittany captivates an audience through her beautiful style and fun personality. Check out her blog for inspiration and more pictures of her beautiful home!

Name: Brittany Robertson / Age: 29 / Profession: Stay At Home Mama and blogger / Rent or Own Home: Own / Bedrooms: 5 / Baths: 4 / Square Footage: 2700 sq ft / Location:Alberta,Canada / Years in Home:3

What was your first job after school?  My first job was working at a spa as I am also a certified aesthetician, my first job when I was doing interior design was working with the Grande Prairie Dream Home as their designer for two years.

Your blog consists of everything from recipes to styling spaces and DIY. How do you decide what to write about next? I try and narrow down what I blog about by sticking with things that are all about creating a beautiful life at home! I pick what to write next by thinking about what I am into in that moment. I also like to keep a well rounded blog, making sure to have all my main areas covered with interesting and useful content for my followers.

With so many blogs out there, how did you create your own niche within the market?  Being myself and staying true to my style really helped make our blog and social media channels stand out. My home decor is a little fun and quirky and people seemed to respond really well to that, again just staying true to yourself and not copying others but doing your own thing will set you apart from the crowd.

Your home is absolutely stunning. How has your style changed through the years? Oh my goodness my style has changed so much from when we first moved into this home. We actually had our home featured in a local magazine when we first moved in and you wouldn’t even believe they are the same space from then to now. I used to love country and industrial everything and now my style is more clean, simple with lots of bright white and gold accents!

Where do you go for inspiration when styling a space? I love Instagram and Pinterest for being inspired by other amazing interior design bloggers. I follow Monika HibbsJillian Harris, and Style Me Pretty Living among others and always find inspiration from these amazing accounts.

Does your husband have much input in the style and decor of your home? No,  but he is fine with that!

Which room in your house is your favorite and why? My favorite room is our blue and green guest room. We pulled that room together really quickly and on a budget and I just love how it turned out! Also no one goes in that room as its saved for guests so I always find it really calming and relaxing, plus it’s the only room I went crazy with color in and I am loving that right now.

Describe your style in one sentence. Bright, white and quirky

For Fun:

Currently Reading: Ready Player Number One

Currently DIYing: I have been busing playing with pumpkins and fall decor around the house. It looks like a fall fair in here right now!

Currently Cooking: Pot Roast and Potatoes, and ALL the fall comfort foods like crisp,cookies and pies!

Currently Redecorating: I am not currently redecorating anything but mentally I am working on my basement! It’s an ongoing project in my mind but one that is on the back burner right now in life.

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