Name:  Elizabeth Mollen / Age: 31 / Profession: Interior Designer + Product Designer / Rent or Own Studio: Rent / Square Footage: 500 / City, State: Austin, Texas / Months/Years in Studio: 2 years

You previously worked in the fashion and accessory industry. How did that experience equip you to start your own business, Stone Textile? I studied apparel + textile design in college and after graduation moved to Los Angeles to dive right into the fashion industry there.  I learned the do’s and dont’s of garment production and made some really great contacts.  When we moved to Austin, for my husband’s new job, I switched gears and brought my love of fashion into to home product world creating dimensional pillows inspired by runway looks.  

You credit your grandparents for much of the inspiration that went into building Stone Textile. How did they, specifically your grandmother, inspire you? My grandmother was a working woman in a time where most women stayed at home.  She was a go getter and had her own Antiques business in Chicago.  I appreciate beautiful things that have a story behind them just as she did.   A lot of the Stone Textile fabric patterns are inspired by her exquisite Art Deco jewelry collection.  

Your studio is both edgy and modern, yet also has a vintage flare. Where did the inspiration from your style come from? Well, I love mixing the new with the old.  The furniture in my studio has been collected over the years.  The turquoise desk is custom made where as the brass etagere is a vintage find.  Stone Textile pillows fill up the sofa of course!

You have a variety of colors and patterns in your studio. Did you design most of the textiles yourself? Yes, I have designed all of the Stone Textile prints.  I love the neutral color pallet mixed with the occasional pop of color.  We are launching a wallpaper collection this fall and hope to add a few fun accent walls to the studio.  

You have a wide variety of skill sets and talents. With such diversity in your work, what advice and encouragement would you give to creatives who have a multitude of skills and talents to offer? Thank you!  I have found that working for talented people before launching my own business was very helpful and encouraging.  Starting a business is hard work with patience and drive being key factors.

Describe your style in one sentence: Classically modern with a  bit of edge. 

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Photography:  Ryann Ford 



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