One of the best parts about our schools is getting to meet crazy talented women from all over the country (and world!). Chhavy Sinuon of Style This Shindig attended the Austin school last February and if I could sum her up in two words it would be encourager + creative. She pushed the box on each project and I have loved staying in touch to see what she’s up to! 

This shoot is something she styled and photographed. And I’m in love. Her use of color and patterns is impeccable. Here’s what Chhavy had to say about this project:

This shoot was prompted by a job application. I didn’t have a professional home decor portfolio so I figured I could create one. Being a stylist, I have a gazillion things at home that I can switch up as needed. I shot in two different locations. The “dress” shots were photographed at my friends home. She had so many things I can play around with that I asked her to turn her closet upside down for a few hours.  

I’m not a photographer, so you should have heard me repeat and talk to myself all weekend. “Rule of thirds, rule of thirds…movement, movement…” Haha! All in all, I had a workout and lots of fun and I totally used what I learned at TSOS over the weekend!

Thanks so much, Chhavy for sharing your beautiful project with us! It’s so important to continue to push and challenge yourself. We are excited to feature more TSOS students in the future!

Styled + Photographed by Chhavy Sinuon


  1. Chhavy says:

    <3, thanks for giving us the tools and foundation to style it up at a moment’s notice!

  2. Lisa McGainey says:

    Oh my goodness. For not being a photographer, your photos are very beautiful. Love your use of colors and overall styling! Beautifully done!!!


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