Whether you’re a designer, a stylist, a photographer or fall anywhere in-between on the creative spectrum, it can be a challenge to stay inspired when your work constantly demands your utmost creativity. As makers and artists, it’s almost crippling when we let our creative wells run dry! So how do we combat creative fatigue and ensure we have inspiration to spare as we run our businesses and lives? Although there’s no sure-fire formula that I’ve stumbled across, there are some time tested tips you can lean on as you strive to feed your creativity, friend.

Say No

This may sound harsh, but the most common way to experience creative burnout is through overextending yourself! Learn to discipline yourself to be selective about what projects and commitments you accept so that you are able to devote more time and energy to what’s on your plate. Also, by saying no to overwork and overwhelm, you’re giving yourself the opportunity to invest in those around you! Happy hearts often lead to creatively inspired minds.

Keep It Light

Whatever you’re working on, don’t put too much pressure on yourself! Remember that you got into this creative industry because you love it, because it lights up something deep inside your soul. Hang onto that love and remember to have fun along the way! If possible, take a step back from your project and focus on the journey, the process of creating and allow yourself to fall back in love with the method behind your work.

Get Your Hands Dirty

Especially if you spend most of your time working in an office setting or on the computer, take a break to do something physical. Bust out those watercolors, sketch pads or grab some blooms from your local floral market to whip together an arrangement. There’s something so cathartic about working with your hands, and I’ve found the physical act of creating brings a surge of inspiration and energy in its wake!

Keep Your Eyes Open

Always be on the lookout for new inspiration or sources of creative thought. Sometimes our best ideas or revelations come to us in the most unexpected of ways! Take a break from your digital involvement to explore a local bookstore, new cafe or nature trail. You’d be amazed at what opportunities for inspiration and growth are around you every day.

Stay in Your Lane

Although we can find inspiration from our colleagues and industry leaders, be aware that the best inspiration comes from within and has never been done the way that you can do it! If you’re feeling inspired by something on Pinterest or something another artist has done, challenge yourself to take it to new heights and put your own unique spin on it. There’s a big difference between inspiration and imitation, and the former is so worth pursuing.

Make it a Priority

Just like everything else in life, if you don’t make time for feeding your creativity then it won’t happen. Schedule time each week to try something new or to pick up an old craft. By making this a regular part of your routine, you’ll be giving yourself a constant opportunity for new creative growth!

How do you battle that creeping feeling of creative fatigue, friends? I’d love to hear what methods you use to stay at the top of your creative game!

By Bonnie Bakhtiari for The School of Styling



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