Another holiday season has come and gone. The tree has been hauled to the curb, presents have been opened, and we have entered the time of year where it is no longer socially acceptable to hum Christmas carols as your peruse the store. But before you enter a deep state of depression, transitioning out of the holiday season doesn’t have to be sad or painful. In fact, it can be refreshing and exciting. Your home doesn’t have to feel bare or empty and it can still make you feel warm and giddy inside. Here are my favorite tips and tricks for transitioning your home from holidays to everyday.

What about our holiday home do we miss the most come January? It may vary some for you, but for me it’s light, life, texture, and warmth. We’re going to break down a few ways to bring those elements in to your everyday decor.

There are few things more beautiful than a Christmas tree lit up and while it may not be practical to leave your tree up year-round, it doesn’t mean you can’t add light to your space. Take inventory of your current Christmas decor. Are there any candles that can stay out a few months longer? For this shoot, I reused some gold and white pillar candlesticks I found at Target. While they are appropriate for the holidays, they can be used all year. I also opted to keep out the white taper candles, switching out a natural wood candlestick for a brass one.

Whether you have a real tree or not, having something green and living (or pretending to be alive) freshens up and excites your decor. I won’t pretend to have a green thumb, so for me this looks like a small vase of hydrangeas and a fiddle fig print. Maybe one day I’ll get brave enough to bring in a real fiddle fig tree, or better yet, a lemon tree.

With all the rich textures in Christmas decor, rooms can feel flat once they have been removed. To counter this, I added knit throws with varying patterns, rich pillows, and a variety of found and sourced decor. Texture adds depth to your home, so don’t be afraid to mix materials, patterns, and eras to create something unique.

Another pro about the holidays is the excuse to use metallic and warm colors that you wouldn’t normally use, in this case cranberry, gold, and champagne. But who says you can’t bring those festive colors into your winter decor? By carrying over the gold from my holiday decor in the form of pillows, an end table, and other details, I never lost the warmth from my previous holiday set-up. Best part? You can re-use pieces in new ways. There’s no need to purchase all new pillows, art, or accessories just for the holidays! Find ways to work with your favorite colors and patterns.

What are some of you favorite ways to transition your home from the holidays to the new year? I’d love to hear!

A big thank you to Rachel Linder for capturing these beautiful photos!


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